07 January 2010

Home again...

at Walt Disney World! Got in about 3pm this afternoon. After unloading and scaring a poor bellman with all out "stuff" (hey, we're staying two weeks!), we headed to Target to get the groceries. Got back and went to the Dolphin Hotel to Shula's Steakhouse and had one of the best filets we've ever had! We came one day before the kids to get things set up and ready to go.

The half-marathon is Saturday and it's going to be COLD! That's when Mike's running. Then Sunday is the marathon (make that Marathon with a capital M) when Tim runs - and they expect the temps to be in the 20s - oh. my. word. I don't know if he's ever run in such frigid temps let along 26 miles! It's gonna be interesting. And both races start at 5:30am.

After midnight now - our car has turned back into a pumpkin I'm sure, but I'm not going to go out and check. Instead, I'm going to bed. And pray that all the kids have safe journeys here.

'Nite, all.


Sherri said...

Have a great time, Cheri. What a special event to have everyone there!

When you get home I want to pick your brain for some simple, nutritious, recipes. Do you share that beef stroganoff one?? I'm gearing up to feed the new breast feeding mama, and am so out of practice with cooking. Ok, honestly, I never was a great cook.


Anonymous said...

You almost got a panicked phone call on Saturday- interrupting your marathons, I guess- begging you to buy another Eeyore and bring him home and we'll pay you back we promise but we desperately need another Eeyore you know what maybe you should just mail him please go buy one now, kay?

Because we were at the mall, shopping separately so I could buy a special outfit to wear for our anniversary dinner that night, and I got a phone call from a very anxious husband, asking if I had Eeyore with me. What? In my little purse?

He had to retrace his steps multiple times, asking people if they'd seen him, and finally, just as we were giving up hope, found him at a counter in Dillard's. Some nice person had turned him in.

Phew! So we don't need another Eeyore after all. But maybe we do need to attach a "Please return to..." tag to Eeyore. Because I bet you won't be in WDW next time we lose him. :)