03 January 2010

It's always darkest before the dawn...

...or so I've been told. And I hope that it's true as our New Year's holiday long weekend was spent on the couch, basically, with Mike and I both sick. Yesterday I was beginning to think our upcoming trip was going to be tainted as I felt the worst I've felt. Bad enough to decide to get the "emergency" RX for steroids filled. So out we trouped yesterday evening to the almighty Walgreens to get me some hard-hitting meds. And hard-hit they did - I slept really well last night and have felt measurably better day.

Yeah, drugs!

So I have renewed hope that I might actually be in the Land of the Living by the time we start. Mike seems to be better but you know men - stoic. I gather either he is feeling better but not 100% or he's mad at me. :) You know what I mean? I'm banking on the feeling better part.

I am now officially getting excited, I mean EXCITED, about the Disney trip. Laundry is being done. Reservations are made. I'm gathering stuff to be packed. Shopping lists are being compiled. And the Post-It note mountain is taking on gargantuan proportions. Sounds like a vacation to me.

Mom's not going. She went with us in 2007 and, in her words, "I went once and I'm glad I went. But I'm not really interested in going again." So she is taking care of the house in our absence (take that all you lurkers finding folks who'll be gone).

In other earth shattering news, I took down the Christmas wreaths. Nothing says "I'm away and possibly since Christmas" like Christmas decor up throughout January. Mike has to get the swags down; that's not in my job description. Anything requiring a step ladder falls under his purview. So we currently have a nice eclectic street look - spring/summer wreaths with pine swags. HGtv better come and film now - the new trend is coming. I can FEEL it!

Christmas photos coming soon. My public awaits. And waits. And waits. Sorry.

And no, that's not my house. But the one on the right would be mine. If only my neighbors would do me the honors. I like this photo. It amuses me.

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bec said...

Hope you both feel better soon for your big trip!
The photo amuses me too :)