30 August 2007

English - what a language!

The other day, Ben was REALLY missing his Papa Mike. I've been up in Keller a LOT this past year and especially this summer. Mike has been able to come up fairly frequently but obviously not as much as myself. And as most of you know, our main residence is in Katy - the "Chalet" Tim calls it. Beautiful two-story custom home wth an English influence, on the golf course, lots of space. The house in Keller is more modest, a "pied a terre" if you will. But it's the house Ben gets to visit the most.

We decided that anyone who does NOT know our situation has major reservations about the character of his Papa Mike when Ben announced, in public, "I want to go visit Papa in the big house!" Poor Papa. We'll visit you soon...

1 comment:

rebekca said...

Cheri, I love that you are blogging now!!!

And, I wish with all my heart (and upon a star) that Papa Mike makes it home safely to the "big house"