29 August 2007

Meet the kids (3)

Meet Lleyton - Kennedy's little brother (who isn't so little - he was over 8 lbs at birth!). Here he is back in July when they all came to visit us at Brown Gables (our house in Keller) for the first time. He is definitely Tim's kid (NOT that there was EVER any question - don't get me wrong - it's just that Kennedy looked so much like Tim that I thought we were being unfair to the Iley/Boyea clans). We mothers do all the work and the guys get the credit, right? :) Out of our three, only Tim resembled me in any way...case in point. Lleyton has a crush on a ceiling fan - you'll have to check out Megan's blog to understand his fixation with "Wendy". Lleyton was born April 30th, third grand of our clan.

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