29 August 2007

Meet the kids (5)

Last, but certainly not least, is little Mirai, grand number 5. She decided to make her arrival on July 2nd, her DUE DATE! (Chris has a PUNCTUAL child??) Ah, another girl - someone to get into kahoots with Kennedy, someone for Gramma to take for makeovers (along with Kennedy), someone to inherit jewelry (again, along with Kennedy!). Not that I favor the girls - I love my boys, I truly do! But you just can't do some things with boys like go to the Clinique counter and get makeovers or shop for dresses with matching shoes (at least I HOPE I never do that with the boys...sheesh!) Miss Mirai (pronounced "meer eye" - Japanese for "future") is a petite bundle of unbridled smiles and glee. She is the progeny of Chris and Jenjer and enjoys "only child" status for the time being. Relish it, my dear - it passes all too soon. Actually, being the 2nd child in my family, how would I know what being an only child was like? Oh well, that's another blog, another day...

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