29 August 2007

Meet the kids (4)

Introducing Mr. Luke (we just call him Luke...no standing on formality with me you know) the 4th grand. He was born on May 26th -- a day late but NOT a dollar short! He also has been known to be called "the linebacker" due to his off the charts length and weight (that must be some milk, mama!) At 3 months old, he is over 15 lbs, 26 inches. (I'm thinking of entering him into the Fair...just kidding!) He looks a lot like Jennifer in many ways (ruining my previous "we do the work, dads get the credit" hypothesis) especially when he pouts! He also is fascinated by ceiling fans but has expanded his interests to door knobs - any shape and size, any color but really seems to enjoy oil rubbed bronze ones. PAIRS of knobs really sets off his excitement quotient! Who needs TV when you have babies around??

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