29 August 2007

You have to begin somewhere!

First blog - kind of like the first essay you have to write in school. Blank "paper" and an accompanying blank mind. But I guess a mind is a terrible thing to waste; or is it "a waist is a terrible thing to mind"? Oh well, both work for me!

I've been in Keller seemingly forever. We finished the build on the second home and closed mid-June. I've basically been here ever since. I run back to Katy to "resume our regularly scheduled programming" (which means I obligated myself to something ages ago and fully intend to honor those obligations). This has been a summer NOT to miss for me! First of all, three...count 'em...THREE grandchildren were born between April 30th and July 2nd this year! If we were a Fortune 500 company, our quarterly report would report record growth. :)

Secondly, we built our vacation home in Keller. "In KELLER?" I hear you say! Well, it may not be a lodge in Montana, a villa in France or something exotic like that - it's more like "oceanfront property in Arizona" as far as that goes - but the natural resources we want to enjoy are right here. Two out of three of our children's families live in the DFW area - the other one in north Austin (which isn't too far from either Keller OR Katy). And after a 2nd tour of duty overseas with Big Oil lasting almost 10 years, it is pure bliss to be able to not only be in the same state as the kids, but also to be able to visit on a more frequent basis. Once KB and BJ came along in '04, suddenly the Atlantic Ocean was about a gazillion miles wide and having the ability to drive by Buckingham Palace lost it's lustre in a BIG way!

So, I hope to keep those poor souls suffering from insomnia up to date on the cute things the grands come up with, things going on in our lives, the weird places MD has to go for business trips (he's in Saudi right now after a FUN FILLED trip to Algeria - ah, the smell of Heathrow in the morning!) and the occasional recipe (yup, I'm a FOODIE). If you like what you read, tell me. If you don't, well, who made you read it in the first place - go read Rosie O'Donnell's blog! (Just don't tell me....I'm feeling "fragile" - ha!)


Mike said...

CF, this will become part of my daily routine, no matter where I am in the world, as long as I have internet access. Thanks, CF

Ann said...

OK, Cheri, I always said you should write a book, and this could be the beginning! Very fun to read--not many women could make talking about their grandchildren so entertaining! I will look forward to your updates and won't mind if I getted blogged down reading it!

Kati said...

Hey Cheri! Way ta go!

I will be recommending this to all my younger 'church sibs' with young families (and the ones with rapidly emptying nests)... TTFN!