18 June 2008

More Things Mom Never Told Me

We had some fierce storms tonight. I was half-way home from mid-week Bible study when it hit - on a very narrow road with deep gullies on each side. Hail. Driving rain. Horrific flashes of lightening. I was really praying Mom had already made it home before it hit (she had).

Anyway, I finally get home. I get in the house and try to get the dogs to go do their business with Armageddon going on outside (they were smarter than that - no way were they going outside). Then it started - the flicker, no juice, flicker on, wobbly lights, no juice, on again, off again...then dark. Fortunately, as the exorcist thing was going on, I had started lighting candles "just in case". Once I knew it was off and not coming back on until the electric company repaired it, I started finding all my candles on the first floor so I'd have several rooms illuminated (and I could actually READ by candlelight! I wasn't going to watch TV, blog, listen to music or even go to bed since once all the lights came back on, I'd be awakened by the blinding light!) And boy, was it ever QUIET! The storm had blown over by now.

This is where I learned something relevant. I should keep a full compliment of UNSCENTED candles around, tea lights, votives, whatever, for JUST such an occasion. My house now REEKS - of Penhaligon's English Ivy, Crabtree & Evelyn Rose, Caldrea Tobacco Rose, White Barn Company Sandalwood, Kenneth Turner Original Scent, plus about 6 other scents. Singly, they are LOVELY. In a chorus, the scent is, well, "out of tune". I'm actually having to air my house from "over-candle-ation".

I guess you could say I had a scent-sational evening...


emily said...

You are very pun-ny. And I mean that in the best possible way.

Glad all are safe!

bec said...

Yes, glad you are safe.
I just finished reading your blog entry and the rain and thunder has come down here! Must be catching!

rebekca said...

That was a very entertaining post. Very.