19 June 2008

More weather today...

We had another "gully washer" today. You could see it looming on the eastern horizon and I hoped it'd "hit" and be over with by the time I finished my grocery shopping. I was going to H.E.B. to lay in stores for our company this next week, and, seeing the storm approaching, decided if I was going to be bombarded by nature, might as well be in the aisle by the Sugar-Free Peanut Butter minis!

And "hit" it did! Thunder directly overhead. Fritzing lights. You could hear the hail on the roof of the store. It was DARK! All of us looked nervously at each other trying to be cool and act like we ALWAYS calmly shop in the middle of "Armageddon".

I have to admit I looked around the VERY OPEN store and wondered where does one go if a tornado hits? I decided I'd knock folks down making a beeline for the little office in the middle of the store behind the deli.

Me and the salami. We're good.


Cote de Texas said...

it was horrible!!! Right now we are getting another one - I"ll bet you just had it around 15 minutes ago - I hope we don't a repeat of last summer where it rained every single day. oy! thanks for the comment - your grandkids are adorable.

rebekca said...

If I had been in that grocery store, I would have grabbed some chips and salsa and headed for whichever salami haven you had met up with.