01 July 2008

Another Flip (or Flop?)

I found this one AOL today. I've had my suspicions about these but figured my observations were flawed owing to my personal experience - and having existing hip and arch issues. But evidently, this is a universal problem. I had recently changed to Chaco shoes (including their strap version) and turns out that was a good move! They even have the American Podiatric Medicine Association's Seal of Acceptance. (sidenote - www.endless.com ships FREE - and OVERNIGHT - and even better has FREE RETURN SHIPPING!...I won't even go into their 110% lowest price guarantee...)

Style Number: 3724

Anyway, for what it's worth, and for the love of all things summer and flip-flops, read this and "tread" with caution!

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Cote de Texas said...

omg - that was the BEST comment!!!!!!! take a picture of the house across the street and email it to me please! I need a good laugh today!!

thanks so much - it was such a great comment!