25 July 2008

Fashion Friday - Princess Outings

Big Mama typically does a "Fashion Friday" post during the school year. Now, I'm not gonna steal her thunder mainly because I have no one asking me for any fashion advice. In fact, I'm a walking testament to folks who never take any (fashion advice that is). Now, I can decorate a room in nothing flat, help you with your color choices and coordination, find a lamp at Neiman's Last Call that will keep your party conversation going indefinitely and find Ethan Allen furniture at 50 cents on the dollar. I'm totally into home fashion and design and truthfully (and modestly) proclaim I am GOOD at it.

HGTV wants me.

They just don't know it yet.

And jewelry. Don't forget jewelry. The way I figure it is, if you have the right ring, bracelet, earring and watch combination, who's going to notice what you're WEARING?

That's my story and I'm stickin' with it. My good friends Tiffany, David Yurman and John Hardy totally agree.

But personal fashion? NAH! I'm a poster child for Omar the Tent-Maker. If it fits, I wear it. And usually order about 5-6 of them in different colors. Hey, I want to be prepared. You never know when Omar is going to kick the bucket - and word on the street is his son jumped ship to work in modular housing.

However, I do have the scoop on what this year's Princess is wearing for summer. Because being a Princess can be really hard work. All that pressure. Folks constantly scrutinizing you and your wardrobe. Grandparents CONSTANTLY taking your photo. I'm sure it's a nightmare.

Being a Fashion Icon is a tough row to hoe, Blogmeisters. At least that's what I hear because I have no personal experience.

Our model is a lovely young "up and coming" we'll call "Kennedy". Kennedy is a lady of impeccable taste and earnestly studies the trends. Looking for a new direction after having spent the past few months in her "Ariel" phase, she has made a bold and unforeseen change with a nod to none other than "Aurora". Evidence of this metamorphosis was seen this past weekend as she prepared for a typical summer poolside party with friends.

Note that not only has she created a new silhouette to her swimsuit with the addition of a triple layer of tulle (a nod to the popular "petti-skirts" of this past year), she has added a matching hooded coat to compliment her ensemble as well as a pair of two-toned pink slip-ons.

Casual hairstyling says, "I'm relaxed. I'm confident. I know who I am and comfortable in my skin. People LIKE me." Also note the absence of cosmetics. Again, a very confident message.

And of course, what ensemble could possibly complete without the perfect footwear! For the luxury of having choice, Kennedy displays a fun yet functional pair of aqua-shoes in a deeper shade of blue creating interesting contrast with the pale blue of the swimsuit and coat. Pink during the day says "playful and casual" while the darker blue transitions into the evening and more formal occasions.

I'm sure you join me in anticipation of what Kennedy will come up with next! I'll keep you posted!

***Please note that Disney in no way influenced or paid for any advertising or product placement in this completely unbiased reporting. However, should they feel compelled to send us thousands of dollars, we totally would be okay with that.***


Megan said...

I liked seeing the pictures of our sweet girl. She sure knows how to ham it up for the camera. :)

Very clever wording on your post. Made it enjoyable to read.

Gina said...

You're quite the fashion editor! Of course, it helps when you have a stunning princess to describe. :-)