08 July 2008

I'm a mess, oh yes I am!

We got home Sunday night from Keller. From a week up north. From two weeks of some combination of ALL of all five grandchildren. From having children and grandchildren in our homes both in Katy and Keller. From early morning risings and late evenings. From playing Wii and laughing till I barely made it to the bathroom. From eating too much. From kissing babies. From playing with preschoolers. From burying plastic bugs in the sand table so children would find TREASURE! From the last 1st birthday party in the foreseeable future. From watching two movies in one day with my lovely husband. From meeting up with friends we've known for over 20 years, who's kids are our kid's age, who have also kept up with each other and their children.

So I'm a mess. You see, I love doing those things. I want to do them more. I don't want them to end. And now I go around the house, finding pacifiers under the kitchen table. Fingerprints and tiny hand prints on the stainless steel fridge doors. Thomas the Tank Engine trains under the couch. Bibs over chairs. Sippy cups in obscure places. And laundry - tons of laundry. Sheets from the nursery. Soft, warm, fuzzy blankets the kids like to curl up in. Towels from numerous baths after playing in the pool and sandbox. So I almost weep. Weep for longing for those children and their mamas and papas to be back here. For being glad they have their families and their own homes. For the love of family that surrounds us and helps sustain us. For the endless cycle of life that goes on in the generations. For how blessed we are.

So I am a good mess. But a mess non-the-less.

Life is good.

Oh but I do miss my babies.


Ann said...

The cycle of life is really one amazing thing if we think about it. We raise and nurture our children so that someday they will be able to leave us. But they never really do leave us, they are just there nurturing their children who will be the next in line in the cycle of life.
I so love how you made realize it just now. My child is still young but I just hope to be able to raise him properly. And yes, children bring such joy and happiness that we sometimes can not even put into words. They are such big blessings in small packages with big voices and shrieks.

Cote de Texas said...

beautiful post. really sweet. makes me want to cry. I want to be a grandmother soon, but my daughter is tooo young still!!!! almost 18!! maybe 6 more years would be good.

bec said...

I am sure your children and grandchildren are missing you too!
How blessed are they with such a fun - loving, encouraging and positive gramma in their lives.