24 July 2008

Sibling Rivalry

We had a thunderstorm the other day. Well, in Houston, we've had mid-afternoon thunderstorms almost everyday.

Houston is the new Orlando.

This particular storm was different in that black clouds moved in very quickly. Then tremendous thunder and lightening began. And all this developed within a matter of about 20 minutes. I was on my way home from what I assume must have been some super important errand (perhaps saving the world or de-worming orphans - I forget) when I noticed the "black horizon" and sped home hoping to beat the storm.

Not because I didn't want to drive in the rain.

Not because I feared flooding in the streets.

Not because I was concerned about the possibility of tornadoes.

No, I had to get home because I have two dogs who will NOT, under any circumstances, go out into the rain to pee. And my Persian carpet in the dining room becomes the "Royal Throne". So basically I'm risking life and limb all for a carpet that was probably made by children in some remote poverty stricken region for less than 10 cents an hour.

Never let it be said I don't support good causes.

I get home, rush into the house, throw keys and purse onto the counter and get the dogs from Camp Guantanamo - aka "the pool bath". I know Shelby views it this way because, before the young upstart, otherwise known as Izzie, arrived, she had free reign of the house. Once I left the house, I'm sure she would fluff the pillows on the couch and get comfy. She would bark at the UPS man when he delivered yet another order from Amazon or Woot.com. And I'm convinced she knows how to turn on the TV, work the remote, play Nintendo and microwave nachos.

She's a very smart dog. Don't ever let her fool you.

Then we got Izzie. The one who started the "let's pee on Mom's Persian in the dining room - it'll be fun!" campaign. Which resulted in banishment when I left the house. I'm certain Shelby is plotting revenge - any day now I'm going to find Izzie strung up in the shower with a forged suicide note lying nearby, Shelby looking appropriately mournful yet triumphant.

Back to the storm de jour, I get the dogs and basically push them out the backdoor. No rain yet but thunder abounds. I go get my groceries and other shopping I must have done after yet another "saving the world" day.

Hey, I do my part to keep the economy afloat. It's a sacrifice but I do what I can.

I start putting things away keeping an eye on the back door for the sight of two little schnauzer heads looking in with pleading "LET ME IN!" eyes. Nothing.

Curious, I look outside trying to figure out where the "little darlings" are. I see Izzie out in the grass completely unperturbed by the impending doom via weather. No Shelby. I go to another window - nada. After checking several windows, I go to the pool bath and look out the door window which overlooks the outdoor kitchen and patio.

That's when I see Miss Bold.
Miss High-and-Mighty-I'm-10-years-older-than-you-you-young-upstart.
Miss Holier-Than-Thou.
Miss Shelby...in all her brave glory.

Somehow she managed to nose open the door under the sink next to the grill hiding - nay - COWERING - in the cabinet! Of course, when I attempted to take this (awful I admit) photo of her through the window, she saw me and gave me a withering look which said, "My life is about to END, I've taken shelter since obviously YOU don't care about me and all you can do is TAKE MY PHOTO FOR YOUR STUPID BLOG????"

Shelby's never been one to hold a grudge against me. All her energy is typically spent on keeping Izzie in her place. Which in her opinion is anywhere but inside this particular house.

Let's just say things have been a little testy between us lately.

I'm keeping an eye on that rug. Revenge is just a can of dog food away...

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