02 July 2008

Happy Birthay, Mirai!

Today is Mirai's first birthday - the last "first birthday" of the five grandchildren. I am alternately celebrating and mourning. :( The year went by entirely too fast and all the three grands born in 2007 are now officially one year old. And yes, that's me without makeup - but Mirai wasn't wearing any either! :)

We will help her celebrate at her "official" party on July 4th at her great-grandparent Drennons home. How many one year olds get to have a 40 minute fireworks display on their birthday? I wil have photos of the party sometime next week. But until then, Happy Birthday, little Mirai! We love you oodles and gobs!

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Cote de Texas said...

You look great without makeup!! and what a cute picture.

Thanks for the sticking up for our Galveston, what a jerk!