30 August 2008

And a final farewell to a dear friend...

Well, Elizabeth and Anthony finally got married. Her grandfather had a heart attack and is frail but doing well. John and Elly moved into a smaller house and sold theirs to Michael and Deanna who, with Meredith and Robin, needed more space after their apartment burned down. And today, the final farewell was said, the final strip was published, the story is completed.

I am so sad. I feel like I have lost a friend.

Elly has been my "neighbor" for over 30 years. I find it hard to think that there will be no new stories, no more developments, we'll never know who April marries. And how will Anthony's daughter do with Elizabeth as her stepmother? Will Anthony and Elizabeth have children and if so, how many?

Vera's final words to Anthony and Elizabeth are golden - they really sum up what a marriage is all about. And I applaud Lynne Johnston for the courage to publish this even when her own husband left her last year (I could write a whole other blog about THAT....scumbag...)

So I say a FOND farewell to the Patterson family. I will miss you.

Oh how I will miss you, my friends.


(If you can read this, go here and you can see it better)

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