05 August 2008

I KNEW it!!!

When the kids were young, living at home young, I used to joke that my house was "tidy" but not necessarily "clean". I've always been a big one for things in their place, organization, etc. but as long as walking on the floors didn't leave a "clean wake", I wasn't overly concerned with how "clean" it was. Bathrooms might have been done every two weeks - if I hired someone to do them (which I often did). Growing up, my mom had a picture hanging in the kitchen that said, "My house is dirty enough to be happy, clean enough to be healthy" or something along those lines.

Well, finally, proof that this is true. I KNEW it!!

When Jenny was a baby, I asked her doctor when I should stop sterilizing her baby bottles (we did not have a dishwasher). His reply? "Is she crawling enough to chew on her daddy's shoes?" which she was, and had indeed done once by then. "Then stop."

Now, I'm not saying set your purse on your kitchen counter - especially after it's been sitting on that nasty public bathroom floor (sans any hook on the door I might add) while helping my 3 year old grandson. But a bit of dirt evidently IS good for you!

Again, I KNEW it!! :)

Validation is good.

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