04 August 2008

Home Alone...in the airport????

I was reading bits and pieces of news online tonight when I read this article.

Astounding. Absolutely astounding. How on earth can you "forget" your 4 year old on a flight?


Khristy said...

I have wanted to "forget" my children occasionally, esp. when they decide to meltdown in the middle of the store, but I've never managed it, LOL. But seriously--are these people for real? A mth or so ago I took 8 kids ranging from 15 mths to 7 to the zoo with a friend and we did a headcount every couple of minutes. No one was misplaced.

And 18 pieces of luggage??? I took fewer suitcases than that when I MOVED overseas.

I totally don't get this.

Emily said...

I read that story yesterday and was dumbfounded. I try not to judge. I really do. But, seriously?

I'm wondering if the three year old had been throwing a huge temper tantrum and they thought, "Heck, let's 'forget' 'em."

And yeah, I was wondering about the 18 pieces of luggage also. With what the airlines charge for extra luggage these days, that has to be like 400 bucks!