02 August 2008

It's been a busy week...

I have had one of those weeks that makes you tired just READING about it! We were in Keller last Sunday and left for Katy with Jen and the boys that afternoon. Fairly uneventful trip considering we were driving in the heat of the summer, with a 14 month old, a 3-1/2 year old (or "3 and three-quarters" as Ben would say) in a car filled to the brim with our luggage and baby things being brought back for a dear friend of mine who has become a grandmother and needs her "gramma room" stuff.

Anyway, made it home in good time with said children in fairly high spirits. Poor Jen was wedged between a two car seats in the back of my Pilot which - all I can say - is a testimony to how SKINNY she is 'cause there just wasn't a whole lot of room back there folks! Don't let the girl fool you - she is S_K_I_N_N_Y!!

Monday through Wednesday were 100 yard dashes every day including a day at the Houston Galleria getting Picture People photos (THANKS Omar for not only working us in but also taking some of the BEST photos we've had of the boys in quite some time!), waiting in the interminable line at the Apple Store for yours truly to get her new iPhone, finding out that the promised and highly anticipated trip to Pottery Barn Kids would have to be postponed since they closed their Galleria store (Ben was NOT happy...) and tons of other stuff.

Mike headed off for Kazakhstan on Thursday while we were trying to head back up here. Problem is, you need KEYS for that little adventure to really get off the ground. Up at dawn, car packed early, kids in seats, and who can't find her keys? Panic and think perhaps Mike has them by mistake. But no, not the case. Turn house upside down. Look in car and under seats. Check obscure-but-have-found-them-here-in-the-past places. Nadda.

I find the key (sans remote) that came with the car and proceed to get to the kennel at least (dogs do not fit in cars with tons of luggage and toddlers and babies and mamas...) before heading to Mike's office to get HIS car key. Decide to check house ONE MORE TIME in case I missed something. Nothing found. Decide to just unload back of car and see if perhaps I was stupid enough to have left them in there while I was packing and they are completely covered by luggage.

I was. They were.

On the road finally - after THREE hour delay.

Seriously, I am NOT trying to keep up the airlines. Besides, I offer Starbucks drinks on MY "flights", not peanuts.

Good trip up considering I only slept 3 hours previous night, 3 hour departure delay due to key loss crisis. Enough of that Starbucks and you'll buzz yourself just about anywhere.

Then I spend Friday and today working at Mike's folks house. They have moved into a seniors community after living over 20 years in the same house - a feat that Mike and I have never done with our frequent moves due to his job. Let's just say it's been a challenge to get what they need in their new place separated from what will be sold or thrown away. They are spending the night there tonight - the movers got the stuff delivered this afternoon and Mike's sister and hubby and I worked our tails off getting it set up, unpacked, placed, etc. Not all pictures up yet but I hope to get those done tomorrow. It's made me REALLY think about what MY kids will have to contend with possibly someday so have resolved to get everything sorted and in order before too long.

And folks, check on those meds expiration dates frequently. PLEASE.

So it's 11:30pm, I should be in bed but instead I blog. I'm gonna regret this in the morning. But seven days without blogging is just rude. And frustrating.

I think I can sleep now...

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emily said...

I hope you slept well! I had a late night as well, and a crazy stressed out week. But when all is said and done, all we do and all we have is filled with blessings!