06 August 2008

Well, I never....

I have helped with my fair share of wedding planning. I've DONE a lot of wedding planning. There are books GALORE that tell you what you need to do, what is traditional, expected, "the polite thing to do". And one of the "new fangled idears" that has become stock in wedding planning is SOME form of "Save the Date" announcement. I've seen magnets for your fridge, nice cards with beautiful artwork you WANT to display - all with the intention of making sure you KNOW you will be invited, you WILL keep that date open and of course, you SHOULD be thinking about the gift-ola!!

Well, today I found THIS and am still chuckling (that's what over-50's do - we don't "ROFL" - we "chuckle"...) This takes the cake for the MOST original 'save the date' announcement I have EVER (and may ever) see. This couple are obviously in California in the movie industry. Kudos to them for their imaginative approach. I was thoroughly entertained and wish I could have been one of the lucky ones invited to THEIR wedding.

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