30 September 2008

The cost of "fame"...

Well, I've been blogging for a year now. And I've felt fairly "enclosed" within a circle of a few blogger friends, mostly my own children and friends of theirs. But today I found out how large the world is, especially the blogger world.

Evidently I am listed on someones "Blogs I follow" list. And folks have been checking my blog. And I hit a nerve with my (now deleted) "Are you a Republican, Democrat or Southerner?" post. It has never been my intention to make my blog a platform for political agenda even though, while most of my blogs are about grandchildren, family goings-on and "favorite things", my views do come out sometimes, especially if they tickle my funny bone. And this particular blog I considered to be a bit of satire about Southerners and their love of hunting rather than a diatribe against Democrats or terrorists. And I admit, I'm still reeling a bit from some of the comments I received tonight.

I've decided that should I ever write a book, I will have to grow a thicker skin to be able to accept the inevitable criticisms that will come my way. The negative comments I received, which made me feel as if I'd mortally offended some folks, have blindsided me. I should have seen it coming eventually I guess. But it hurts all the same.

Yes, I'm sure I'll be criticized for removing it. And perhaps justifiably so. But it does give me pause about how others perceive me initially, especially when not face-to-face. And in some ways I'm a coward - I don't like to "not be liked" which is how I feel after reading these comments ("bad analogy", "poor taste", "I won't be coming HERE again", "very offensive" for example). This is an absolute first for me let me tell you.

You can't please all the people all the time. And while I can't and don't try to please everybody - that would be impossible on so many levels - I also don't consciously make an effort to be offensive either. So I have removed the post - in case you were wondering if you were going crazy because it WAS there before and now it isn't. There's no use apologizing for any offense given to those who were offended because they made it perfectly clear they would not be back.

Live and learn, my friends; live and learn...


Emily said...

Ok, well first off, I thought the post was hysterical.

Secondly, get over it people!!

Lastly, if you want to REALLY illicit angry blog comments from people you don't know, blog about how much you dislike the Duggar family.

I say it's blog and you can say what you want. Rock on, Cheri.

Megan said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you. I know that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach that happens when someone blindsides you with hateful accusations or criticisms. I immediately try and figure out what I did wrong and feel like I must have screwed up in some way. Tim has been trying to get me to realize that it doesn't always mean that I am wrong. It just might mean that the other people are less considerate, empathetic, etc... and that is their problem. I think you should keep it posted with pride. Forget them and their lack of a sense of humor or wit. :)

Liz said...

Oh, I'm sorry. It's crazy how worked up people get out here, which is why I steer clear of political things. Dont worry about it, as my grandmother says, "They've got the same shoes to get happy in."

Iona said...

Hi Cheri, in Australia we make fun of everybody, especially Tasmanians. The important thing is that we can laugh at the joke, at the sterotypes at ourselves.
As an Australian I would have to wonder if those who wrote in your comment are some of those 'Americans' we make fun of over here, who take political correctness too far.
I for one enjoy your blog and wouldn't mind a bit if you decided to make fun of "aussies". :)