08 September 2008

Fortune cookies...

We have a lot of fun with fortune cookies. We aren't superstitious but we do enjoy the messages that come on those little white slips of paper inside those cookies. I don't even EAT the cookies but make sure I get my "fortune".

And anyone who is watching the news knows that there are two major stories running ALL THE TIME - the election and the multiple hurricanes churning towards the US of A. In fact, Ike is possibly headed straight for Houston.

Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

And Mike is leaving for Kazakhstan (again) today. So we met at our local Chinese restaurant for a quick lunch before he was picked up for the airport. We were in a rush so almost didn't bother with the cookies. But at the last minute, I said, "Let's see what they say!"

Rather a coincidence but here's what MINE said:

"A new adventure awaits you this weekend."

Good enough. New adventures. Sounds like fun!

Then came Mike's:

"After a big storm comes tranquility."

Should we be worried?

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