02 September 2008

What we all know...

I saw this on AOL today. It is intriguing to me. Not surprising at all. But it does prove a point - that MOST men - British ones for certain and I suspect most on Planet Earth - can SEE better than they can THINK.

(My lovely husband NOT included...I always have teased him that I knew he married me because he loved me and NOT for my looks.

Frankly, that's a GREAT relief!)

I also find it interesting that this girl had the same personality whether "frumpy/plain" or "sexy/dolled up". It was other people's perception of who she was (and perhaps what THEY might gain??) that changed.

Anyway, watch it and let me know what you think. All those popular, pretty girls in high school? I guess in one way or the other, they might still be "working the streets"? Hmmmm......

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