23 September 2008

An important service announcement...if you have a 3G iPhone that is...


I went into the Apple Store today to buy an additional a/c adapter for my iPhone as I'd bought a cool lamp with a plug in the base (like they have in oo-la-la-nice hotels!) and was told that there aren't any for awhile as they've been recalled! I looked online at this article and discovered that if you have a 3G iPhone (the new one), you are supposed to go to the Apple website for instructions on how to get a new one and to return the one that came with it (in a pre-paid envelope - yea!) So all ya'll techno-junkies out there with the cool phone, be sure to check out the recall info so you don't "light up your lift" in a way you never intended.

Thank you.

And good night.

1 comment:

Cote de Texas said...

really? omg? i'm going to burn myself up??????