21 September 2008

Happy Birthday to Chris...

Our "baby", Chris, youngest of our three, is 26 years old today. Yes, 26 for the first time unlike LAST year's post where I discovered to my horror that I couldn't even do simple math correctly and listed him as being 26!

Hey, I got out my calculator and double checked this time.

This past year has seen Chris enter his final year at university, his 5th wedding anniversary with Jenjer, his daughter's first Christmas as well as first birthday. I know he's ready to have the 2008-2009 academic year under his belt and "get out there" in the workplace without classes to attend. And we have high hopes that the location of "out there" might possibly be Houston!

You've come a long way from the preemie baby you were, born 3 months early at 3 lbs., 15oz during our first international transfer to England. Your father and I do find it interesting that, as the child who resisted moving the most in those growing up years has a desire to live internationally again some day. :)

So Happy Birthday, son. Hope you have a fun day celebrating!

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cdrennon said...

Thanks mom. Dinner at Kirby's was great.

I love the picture you put up of Mirai on the keyboard!