13 September 2008

Where in the world is Cheri?

Many of you have emailed or called wondering if I'd left Houston or not. Yes indeed - I left Thursday morning with my mom and two dogs in tow. We arrived in Keller about 3:30pm Thursday afternoon. And looking at the news and coverage for Hurricane Ike, I'm glad to be away from there. Mike is overseas. So both of us are (hopefully) well away from it all. No telling what we'll find when we go back late next week but we have insurance (including flood insurance).

Even though Katy is in west Houston, they are predicting 70-80mph winds for our area. This may well be the biggest storm affecting our family in our lifetime. Jason's parents have stayed in Katy as have most folks I know. I had planned to come up here before Ike even was a threat since Ben's 4th birthday is in one week. And with Mike out of the country, I had no desire to hunker down by myself.

Thanks for your calls and emails - and most of all, prayers!

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emily said...

I have been thinking about you!! Thank you for letting us know you are out of the "zone" and OK!