25 September 2008

Not on MY kids!

neige gabriella dress

Anyone who knows me fairly well at all knows I'm a shopper. If you can't find it, chances are, I can. And at a really good price. I even found Brighton sandals for $34.88 at a Nordstrom's Rack once. We're talking shoes that were originally $165.

I'm a leader in my field. I rock. If they gave performance appraisals for finding online bargains and hard to find items, I'd be promoted regularly.

In keeping with my "job title", I subscribe to a daily email called "Daily Candy" - you might too. There is a version for the DFW area (okay, not Houston but at least the same state!) and a kids' version as well. I've found some cool stuff on that site - unusual things I was not aware of and have actually ordered from some of the featured sites they tout. There are new restaurant reviews, resale shops, online retail shops - kind of a Michelin's Guide for retailing if you please.

So I get this one today. I'm thinking - cute! Here's the 'blurb' which enticed me to click on the online store site:

Newsflash: Kids dressed like trendazoids are creepy.

Lose the Juicy sweats. Ditto the leopard leggings. And whoever told you rhinestone studded tie-dye was a good look lied.

Kids will be kids, so dress them like it in Neige. The just-launched website sells the whole collection, so you finally drool over everything at once.

Known for timeless, modern design, Neige clothes are adaptable and durable (think family touch football on Thanksgiving). For the little ladies, hand-knit sweatercoats and jumpers in cotton blend herringbone. For the little guys, long-sleeve polos and classic three-button blazers in rich corduroy.

In other words, take back that “boob man” tee before he gets the wrong idea.

And, hon, while you’re at it, ditch your leopard leggings, too.

So I go to the site. Cute stuff. Love the girls dresses. So I click on one immediately that catches my eye (photo above).

Say WHAT???

First of all, it's $170.

Yes, you read that right.


I rarely spend that for a dress for me, let alone someone who doesn't even have hormones yet.

Then the real clincher - "Dry Clean Only". For REAL?? I mean, I just spent two weeks up north with my grandchildren, and, between them and myself, I rarely made it through the day without some major spill on my person. I don't even do dry clean unless it's for some fancy-schmancy function where I am not likely to be in the vicinity of, let alone be holding, a child.

Now I want to know who buys this stuff and if you do, can you invite me to your next garage sale? I'll be there with my checkbook wearing my washable cottons!

And just maybe my Brighton sandals....

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Emily said...

What? You mean Jenny doesn't dress her boys in two hundred dollar blazers that are dry clean only? I'm so shocked.

Someone bought Kendall a Juicy Couture outfit for a gift and I looked up the price online. Don't think I didn't think about the number of diapers I could have bought for that.