17 February 2009

Where in the world???

Yup, I've been conspicuously absent. "What's with all the photos and little writing recently?" I hear you say?? Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, I guess I was trying to slide by on those while I've been otherwise engaged.

You see, I've been up in Keller getting my grandbaby fix. For two-and-a-half-glorious-weeks. Mike was able to "bookend" the stay, driving up to Keller with me before heading on his "around the world in ten days" business trip (literally...the man is EXHAUSTED!). In the meantime, I had "face time" with ALL of my children and ALL of my grandchildren - oh the bliss. So I should be posting more in the next few days with more (oh no! you say...) photographs of super-spectacular-stupendously-stellar visits to the zoo, 80th birthday parties (no, it wasn't mine...how dare you ask!!), Valentine's Day preparations, cousin visits, Valentine parties...there is no moss growing under my feet!

Mike and I are Katy-home now. Mike has returned to "the trenches"...oh, I mean work. The back of the Pilot (which was filled to the max) has been unloaded. The dogs are busy sniffing the premises to make sure all is well and to reassert their authority. I'm unpacking, sorting, doing laundry, paper shuffling (oh, I'm great at the paper shuffling thing - proper paper handling? No...but I could win an Oscar for the shuffling bit), trying to psyche myself into going to the grocery store and cleaners and really just wanting to sit on the couch, drink coffee and watch my shows on TiVo as I sink into a deep grandchild/children withdrawal. I have an office with "TAX PREPARATION TIME" written all over it and I'm shutting that out for the time being.

Because in my mind and my heart I'm replaying the past few weeks of being involved once again in the day-to-day lives of my children and grandchildren, thinking about how I once took these responsible adults to preschool as we drove the grands to school, remembering the funny things they did and said through the antics of their children, enjoying the full circle that being privy to the next generation brings. This new generation mirrors the past of their parents and I delight in the feeling that somehow Mike and I have "passed the bar" successfully in this relay race called Life. And feeling so thankful that while we may not be the principle runners anymore, we are still allowed in the race.

I'm a lucky woman.

But I do miss them all.

10 February 2009

Whatever is...

...pure and lovely.

I've always loved this photo taken in England when we lived there. It was taken in the Cotswolds when our son and his (then) fiance came to visit in the spring of 2003. This is some of the most tranquil countryside you'll ever see - the beauty of this land is breathtaking.

Move over, Johnny Depp....

...there's a new pirate in town. This is my son, Timothy, the "funnest" dad and uncle ever. And this is how this year's well-dressed dad attends birthday teas for 4 year olds. It hasn't been in People yet, but you wait - it's definitely trending now. Goes with the whole government and the economy thing. Wall Street/Government chic...

For more photos of adults in the "silly" category (and they are all sober!) go to...

09 February 2009

Silly...sweet and silly...

This weeks iHeartFaces theme is "Silly". Luke, my 21 month old grandson is nothing if not entertaining these days. This photo was taken at his great-grandfathers 80th birthday party a little over a week ago. Let's just say the kid knows how to enjoy himself at a party. I just wish you could hear him talking too - he's a hoot!

You can read more about it and see the other entries at www.iheartfaces.com or click on the button below.

06 February 2009

"Fix-it Friday"

Okay - this is a bit of a strange post. This new site I'm in love with (www.iHeartFaces.com - yes, therapy may be necessary...) has a project today where you download a photo and then use your photo editing software of choice to "tart it up" a bit.

So here's the original:

and here's my "tarted up" version:

I wanted to make her freckles pop - I like red hair and freckles! Anne Shirley from Green Gables, Sarah Ferguson....

So does she or doesn't she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure...and if you don't have a clue what THAT means, I'm going to feel really, really old...

Out of the mouth of babes...

I was driving to dinner at Chili's tonight with Jennifer and the boys in the car. I came to a four way stop which was quite busy. As is my habit, I started counting - it's a way I keep track of when it's my turn to go through. So I went something like, "You're number one, next number two, they're number three, now I'm number four". Ben asked, "Why are you counting, Gramma?" I replied, "So I'll know when it's my turn to go at the four-way stop."

His reply? "Well, Daddy just says, "Come on people! Just GO!"

I died laughing.

And I agree with his Daddy.

04 February 2009


My baby - Izzie (yes, she's named after Izzie Stephens on "Grey's Anatomy"...so sue me, I like that show...). She's a miniature schnauzer, one of two we have. She's a mess. But we love her.

Unless she pees on my Persian carpets...

...then we have issues MUCH greater than thinking we can STILL see Denny...


The eyes have it...

Oh, don't they EVER! This is Lleyton, my #3 grandchild. And you can go swimming in those eyes - just like his big sister before him!

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