15 July 2009

Shamlessly pimping from another's blog...

Recently we were up at Keller (again - I know, "surprise, surprise!") to celebrate Mirai's 2nd birthday and also attended a July 3rd (yes, that's a three, not a four - not a typo) celebration in Roanoke. As I neither took photos nor have yet blogged about it, I'm going to direct you to Megan's blog for the scoop.

She takes better pictures anyway.

Is this plagiarism? Or just directing you to infinitely better photography and reporting??

Yeah, I thought the latter too.

...I have no shame...

(Thanks, Megan!)

08 July 2009

Yup, behind again...

Well, by now I should have had lovely posts, complete with photos, celebrating Timothy, Jenjer, Luke and Miria's birthdays. But I haven't. And I'm sorry (to Tim, Jenjer, Luke and Mirai) for not having done so. And it's not gonna happen anytime soon either as I'm getting a crash course in being a "mom" to two little boys. It's been 20 plus years since I've done this and I'm a bit rusty at it.

You see, Jennifer is pregnant with Baby No. 3. And Baby is making Jennifer sick. Literally. Sick. As. A. Dog. So she and the boys are down here in Katy with me while Jen tries to stay till, keep food down and think happy thoughts. And I am taking care of the boys. I'm getting into a bit of a rythm now and am actually watching a little tv (and, obviously, some blogging) before I head to bed instead of staggering to bed, falling flat on my face and falling into a deep sleep like I've done the previous two nights. :)

So bear with me as I "remediate" on parenting once again. And keep Jennifer and Baby No. 3 in your prayers please.