15 July 2010

All things bright and beautiful...

Like, Kennedy, Mirai, Ben and Lleyton

Emery, "The Rookie"

...the Lord God made them all!

Thank you, Lord.

Who looks like...

Kennedy at age 2-1/2 (she is five years old)

...her cousin, Kennedy? Mirai, that's who.

Mirai - age three years

I've noticed more and more how similar they look at times.

Mirai again - taken this week

Two beautiful girls. Not that I'm prejudiced or anything. Nah...never.

Kennedy - five years

But I can certainly tell they're related!

11 July 2010

How to warm a heart...

...isn't so hard. All you have to have is a Baby Emery who LOVES her brothers. Then add said brothers, sit back and watch the show.

It never fails.

Who can resist that??? Not me.

If you have one of these....

Granddaughter Mirai

who likes Cheerios for breakfast, and three schnauzers, who would LOVE to have Cheerios, then you usually get this:

Sophie "Please, please, PLEASE!!"

You should have seen the light in their eyes, WILLING Mirai to drop some more Cheerios. What a symbiotic relationship.

Izzie, the "Patient One"

Who needs a vacuum when you have a dog? I've often thought I should rename my three to Dyson, Hoover and Decker.