29 September 2010

An actual conversation...

In the car.
On the way to dinner.

Me: I'm going to J's house tomorrow after their closing.

Mike: That should be fun.

Me: Yes, I'm excited to see their house.

Mike: Are you going to give decorating ideas?

Me: Only if she asks for them. But if she does I'm going to prefer them.

Mike: Don't you mean "proffer" them?

Me: No, I always prefer MY ideas.

Mike (holding back laughter): Well, I think the word is still "proffer".

Me: Humph.

19 September 2010

And now we are Six...

...and another generation embraces the Star Wars phenomenon. Ben will be six years old tomorrow but his party was today. Jennifer made a dinner of his requests and MOI brought the cake. I did not BAKE the cake but I did "gussy it up" with the requisite Star Wars paraphernalia.

I do believe the cake was acceptable...if Ben's reaction to it is anything to go by.

The irony of his new found interest in Star Wars? I was pregnant with his mother when Mike and I, living in Bay City, traveled to Houston in September of 1977, to wait in line for 90 minutes to see the said film at the Alameda Mall. So perhaps all those symphonies I listened to during those months will pay off as well. :)

And, of course, nothing says loving like a line up of manly "action figures" arranged around a cake, being careful not to disturb the candles, looking for all the world like they're about to bust out in a dance routine of, "YMCA". Seriously, I think that Storm Trooper has his groove on.

But I digress from the purpose of this missive, which is to point out that Ben is now six. Six. SIX!!

Did I mention he is now six? I'm seriously trying to wrap my brain around it so I can then move on to trying to wrap my brain around Kennedy turning six in 17 more days.
I won't wax all slobbery and nostalgic about the day he was born because frankly I did it all before you can just read it again here.

Happy Birthday, Ben. We love you heaps and heaps. Oh, and may the Force be with you...

(For those who caught it, yes, the "title" today is taken from A. A. Milne's last Pooh Bear book, "Now We Are Six".)

Who won the Emmy...

We did, of course! Emery (now known as Emmy a lot of the time) has grown into herself. But I'd say her hair continues to outpace her - I mean, seriously, when's the last time you saw a baby with hair so long you could tuck it behind her ears?

Luke was doing a little song and dance to make her smile in the photo above. Ben had the monopoly on making Emery laugh, but Luke has invented his own brand of stand-up comedy that gets a great result from her. It's all in the delivery, folks, all in the delivery. Oh, and keep your material fresh. Em knows.

It's that hair again - it's to her shoulders for goodness sake. She has her own bow and band collection started and while some folks buy them for aesthetic reasons, Em NEEDS them to keep her hair out of her face.

And she has a very serious side now - she reserves her gleeful smiles for special occasions (like when I visit). She can give you a leveling gaze that is beyond her years it and totally puts you in your place. Yes, her Papa Mike can do that too. It's a gift I tell ya!

We could also call her our tumbling tumbleweed - not sitting up on her own (she'll "hold the pose" for a bit if you put her there but watch out...whoops!...there she goes over). But she does this rollover thing to get where she wants to go that is fun to watch. I guess that makes her a literal lateral thinker. :)

And now, watch out brothers, I'm onto you and your toys. They will be mine, MINE I tell you!

But who on EARTH can resist that precocious face? Not this Gramma! One week shy of seven months - I'll blink and it will be HER sixth birthday. But, "I won't think about that today. I'll think about it tomorrow. Because tomorrow IS anutha' day!"

So true, Scarlett. So true.

09 September 2010

Nobody puts Baby in the corner...

...just in the high chair. Jennifer sent me this photo of Emery enjoying her first solid food - oatmeal. I know this is a big deal for Jen - the 3rd child, starting on solid food after nursing solely until now. It has to be bittersweet. But how cute is THAT??? I love her long, dark hair which is atypical for a baby of any age. Anyway, had to shamelessly show off Miss Thang. How sweet, oatmeal beauty treatment and all.

Taking a "sick day"...

Checking her wings "pre-flight"

...has its advantages. Mirai had to stay home from school today since she had a low-grade fever yesterday. Nothing to worry about, Mommy and Daddy. Probably a virus/late summer cold. But she's taking advantage of the "couch, pabi and cable" day to enjoy her dress-up clothes. Right now, she's channeling her inner ladybug (or "doodlebug" as she calls them).

And she's OFF!!

Wait - photo op!

Charming. Absolutely charming.

But then I'm a bit prejudiced.

Something tells me she's feeling a lot better already.

07 September 2010

The first of many firsts...

...was the first day of school for Mirai. Well, preschool anyway. She's three years old and, as today bore out, more than ready for the experience. We had our "Meet and Greet" last Thursday evening when we "met" her teacher (whom we already know but it's all part of the experience) and took her to see her new classroom. And, more importantly, she was shown her seat at the classroom table, complete with a nameplate!

Papa and Mirai before the school meeting

Gramma Cheri after the meeting taking Mirai to her classroom

"This is MY spot!"

At home already

Last night was pre-school-pre-prep (okay, not a real word, but it SHOULD be). Early bath and shampoo - check. Fingernails trimmed and ears thoroughly cleaned - check. Clothing laid out for the next morning - check. Lots of bedtime stories and hugs and kisses before prayers and bedtime - check. Backpack ready with required school items - check.

Lunch made and put in the fridge - check.

A really good night's sleep and very hard to wake up this morning despite going to bed early - check. :)

Still sleepy but she's ready to go with handbag in place...

The realization that, no, she could NOT take her babies with her to school

After a breakfast of bagels (aka "cookie? COOKIE!" - who am I to argue about the exact name of carbs?) and milk, we were off to school. It went without a hitch. She was so excited to have her backpack and lunchbox. She marched into the school, put her backpack and lunchbox on her hook in the hall and went to her seat without a backward glance. So I left (after snapping a photo or two).

Her teacher, Miss Lela, said she did well and I could tell that, although she was tired, she'd had a good day.

Miss Lela brings her out and puts her in her car seat - this
Gramma is learning the pick-up routine...again! ;)

After we got home following the end of the school day, I noticed she was singing the Happy Birthday song - evidently there was a birthday celebration at school. I continue to be amazed and pleased at her ability to hear and repeat songs. All in all, it was a BIG day for a special LITTLE girl who continues to delight and amaze us. God bless you, Mirai. We're so proud of you.