15 November 2009

And a happy birthday...

...to MEGAN! Happy, happy birthday to you. It's your first 29th birthday! Wish we could have been there to give you the "royal treatment" - hope you are well soon.

The Queen Mother

07 November 2009

A conversation...

Saturday morning. Heading out to do a HUGE list of errands.

Cheri: Don't you want to check locally for new running shoes before we head into Houston in case you need to look while we're there?

Mike: No, shoes aren't a critical path item today.

Cheri: (amidst laughter at response) Well, you enrolled me on the concept of needing new shoes so I made it an action item for me. So I was just following through.

Mike: (with a smile) I admire your due diligence.

Girls, if you want to be able to talk to your man, ya gotta learn the language.