17 May 2008

And Happy Birthday to Jenjer!

Today is Jenjer's 25th birthday! She is married to Chris and therefore our youngest child. She is mother to Mirai, aunt to Ben, Kennedy, Lleyton and Luke. She worked all through her pregnancy with Mirai and is working full time now - in newly instituted 12 hour shifts no less - while Chris is attending university. Which is NOT easy - especially when said shifts start at 7pm and go through the night.

Even though I did not give birth to her, she's our daughter none-the-less. Mike taught her to drive back before she and Chris were married. She lived with me in the condo in Bedford for several months before the wedding. We planned their wedding together. She LIKES my green beans! (not that there's anything wrong with my green beans, it's just that she really likes them!) And she likes my grandmother's Desert Rose dishes. And she took on Chris - as a life partner - which is something in and of itself! :) (We love you, Chris - we just had to put this in perspective you know...)

After Tim graduated from high school in Trinidad and moved to Austin to go to UT, we let Chris move back to Texas to finish high school. When we moved from Trinidad to London back in 2000, we wanted Chris to come with us and finish high school there, but he couldn't leave Bedford - you see, he'd "met someone" and just couldn't leave her! Let's just say we understand why. :)

So Happy Birthday, Jenjer! We love you! And here's a pictorial tribute...enjoy!

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Megan said...

Happy Birthday Jenjer granted a few days late. We hope you had a great day that was all focused around you!