11 May 2008

It's Mothers Day!

If you are in the northern United States, you can't help but know today is Mothers Day. "Mothering Sunday" is what it's called in England (and is always in March I believe - not in May - a fact which allowed me to "cash in" twice a year when we lived there...but I digress...)

I'm not going to try to wax profound today as I have a really bad cold and, if I start an emotionally charged blog, I'll end up in tears and that does NOT help an already overloaded "snot-head" (plus, it's hard to be eloquent when you feel like even USING terms like "snot-head"...) so instead, I'm sharing these photos with you. I hope you enjoy! And to all you Moms out there, may I extend this mom's take on the Gaelic Blessing:

May the toilet not rise up to meet you.
May your friends always watch your back.
May the essence of hot coffee shine warm upon your face each morning,
the rains fall any other time than the day of your child's outdoor birthday party
and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Happy Mother's Day, ya'll!

Oh, the top photo is of me kissing Jen's "bo-bo" - it was Christmas, 1980, and I was pregnant with Timothy. And that's a photo of me (the baby, surprise, surprise), my older sister Kathy (as she was known then - her "pre-Kati" days) and of course, Mom, on the bottom.

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Emily said...

Well, I was thinking Ben looked exactly like Jason but after seeing that top picture of Jennifer, he definitely has some of her in him too.
Adorable pictures!