21 May 2008


I was looking at Luke's birthday invitation on Jen's blog today and was marveling at how much like his mother he looks. And anyone who knows Jason knows how much Benjamin favors him. Timothy is the spitting image of my Grandpa Crawford. And as I've grown older, I've caught my parent's expressions in my face often as well as mannerisms . Genetics - the master "Interior Designer" in the natural laws God has put in place.

Perhaps I spend too much time looking for resemblances. Or perhaps, being an interior designer myself, I am constantly FINDING resemblances. But it really got me thinking about families - and resemblances in both behaviors as well as physical characteristics. Mike and I've noticed that the longer most folks are married, the more alike they seem to look and act. We've noted that our own children have spouses that could be mistaken for siblings based on looks alone. We have our own theories about this phenomenon one of which is the "sync" happily married couples work towards. And to some extent, we find that, for whatever reason - be it obvious or subconscious - people tend to fall in love with someone who bears a resemblance to themselves. And as time progresses, their behaviors, speech patterns and expressions often become eerily similar.

Which brings me to the point of this missive. Often we are known to others because of our resemblance to our siblings and/or parents. What does this say about our lives as children of God? Do we resemble the Father? Are we known by "similar mannerisms"? Can a family connection be made to strangers? By WHOM are we known? And what does this say about how we live our life? And do we resemble our brother, Christ?

As we mature as Christians, we should be finding that more and more we are becoming like the Father. This of course can only happen when we spend enough time being instructed by Him. As new Christians, I'm sure many chafe at perceived "restrictions imposed" similarly to a teenager upset with a curfew. But as we mature and know the Father better (by studying His word, spending time with our Christian brethren - our family! - and putting into practice that which we learn about in scripture), we begin to depend on the wisdom of the security of "restrictions", realizing the safety they afford and the peace they bring.

We are instructed to come to Him "as little children" - which means we are malleable. We do not come with a list of conditions, negotiating our own salvation. We come empty, ready to be filled. We come ready to receive the love and blessings of the Father. And, the more time spent with Him, the more LIKE Him we will become.

So, do others know to whom I belong by any "family resemblance"? And if not, do I realize that, and am I ready to remedy that fact?


rebekah said...

I loved your post Cheri!
Very encouraging.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts.
I often wonder if it is apparent to others that I am a christian.