22 May 2008

Party weekend!

I'm getting packed and the house ready to lock up and leave tonight for Keller. Luke's turning one on Monday and the big weekend is about to start! It will be my soap opera weekend - "All My Children" will be there and the children are of course "Bold and Beautiful". Ben and Kennedy are almost 4 so are "The Young and the Restless". Enough puns -sorry....

But I will have all the kids in one locale on at least one occasion if not more this weekend. It's rare that they're all together (unless it's Disney but that's only once every 12-24 months at best!) so I get excited when I have all the kids and all five "grands" running around. Jen and Megan both have Nikon D40's and so do I - so I put a dot of red polish on my stuff so I won't get it mixed up with theirs. Although - they probably take better pictures than me so perhaps I should go scrape it off...just in case. :)

I'm also going to give Mike his Father's Day gift early - tomorrow sometime. I think he'll be gone on Father's Day anyway (Amsterdam this time) and I thought we'd all enjoy his gift with him. I doubt he'll be reading this blog before tomorrow afternoon so I don't mind spilling the beans that he is getting a Nintendo Wii and several games. Tim has told us several times how much fun they are especially in groups. So what better application that to enjoy it this weekend with all the kids?? I'm on the fence about getting Guitar Hero though so if any of you have experience with that and any insights/recommendations, fire away! Enquiring minds want to know!

I had to get Mario Kart. I used to play that when we lived in Trinidad and I was trying to get the boys to wake up and get ready for school. It was in their bedroom so I'd sit there and play that stupid game over and over. They would tease me unmercifully because of my tendency to move the controller in the direction I was wanting to go rather than pushing the buttons. So when the Wii came out, Tim lost no time in letting me know that they finally made a game system that worked the way my brain did (so now I know I am a marketable game franchise - nice to know). Will let you know how it goes and if we end up having to have any physical therapy from playing games. Should be interesting...stay tuned.

Well, can't put off the packing any longer. As many times as I've flown, ridden in cars, etc., you'd think I'd have packing down to a fine art. But I don't - I hate it. I should have three lists made up - one for weekend trips, one for week long and one for longer - with all the clothing needs, makeup and toiletries, shoes and underwear clearly listed with quantities. But I don't. I still just wing it each time and end up forgetting something. And I still have this enormous relief when I get in the car/plane and know, for better or for worse, it's over and there's nothing that can be done about it. I don't know how Mike does it with those 7-21 day trips abroad. But then, face it - he's a GUY! No makeup, no "dress" vs "sandals" vs "tennis shoes" decisions. No jewelry decisions. No "we might go out for a nice evening so I should pack a dressy dress and thosenice sandals". No "day makeup" and "night makeup" to pack. His Dop kit is ready to go at any moment complete with shave foam, shampoo, razor, deodorant, etc. in little travel sizes. He has 3 suitcases - weekend, week long and 3 week long sized. When it comes to travel, I do envy the guys - not only because of the clear cut packing but also, think about bathroom stops. They can stand and deliver - no looking for the "cleanest" toilet (an oxymoron if there ever was one when it comes to public loos), no cleaning said toilet when you find it, no frantically searching for a Kleenex with just a minuscule unused bit 'cause there is no toilet paper on the roll...

I have to quit procrastinating and get in there and pack now. I've put it off long enough and Mike will be home in a little over an hour. Will report on Wii reaction - by the kids if husband is less than enthusiastic. I plan to have fun with it anyway. So this little pig will go Wii, Wii, Wii all the way home!


Anonymous said...

I have been brainstorming for a long time how to get dad a wii :-)
I think he'll love it!
As will the grandchildren, I'm sure.
See you soon! Drive safe!

Emily said...

I'm sure you all will be discussing "The Days of Your Lives." And when Luke blows out his candle, he will need to look for a "Guiding Light." Enjoy your time together. You've only got,"One Life to Live." Ok, I'll stop. But does it surprise you? You know my dad.

emily said...

We have Wii. We have Mario Kart. Doug and I play a half hour of Mario Kart EVERY single night. I do not like video games (read: I am not good at video games). But I can win Mario Kart EVERY SINGLE TIME!

We have Guitar Hero and do not play it as much as we do the Mario Kart and Bowling :) And Wii Fit :)

We also got the new Spielburg Game some like Boom Blox that is supposed to be kid friendly (reviewing in Parenting Magazine).

Anyway, I am a HUGE Wii fan :) email or call with any questions!