29 May 2008

Luke's First Birthday

Luke had his first birthday on Memorial Day - which of course made it VERY memorable for us! :) We all converged on Keller over the weekend having almost everyone present to cheer and celebrate this milestone. GG Ann came with us and Tim, Megan, Kennedy and Lleyton drove down Saturday and spent the weekend as well. I gave Mike his Father's Day gift early - a Wii - so we could all enjoy it over the weekend (which we did). Jennifer had a darling dump truck centerpiece with "dirt" cake and cake "cones" - very clever indeed! Being the good "must lose weight or die" Gramma that I am, I resisted temptation to have any but I hear the "dirt" was fantastic. Jason grilled burgers (with REAL cheddar on them - oh, yum) and there were huge bowls of Texas Caviar and watermelon.

It was so satisfying to see all the cousins together, playing, fussing, running, chatting...it is quite exhilarating to have one's "kingdom" all in one place. My spirits were quite dampened on Tuesday when we had to leave to come home. Kennedy spent Saturday night at Jen's house and then Benjamin spent Sunday night at our house. They are entering a whole new dimension of childhood and "cousin-hood". At Sunday lunch, they had the most intense conversation (complete with broad hand gestures) about what had been going on with them that week. I think Tim got a video of it (if so, please share, Uncle Tim!) And all the "next gen" cousins were, at either a year old or ALMOST a year, interacting with each other and playing along side each other. It makes this Gramma's heart quite full to recall the love and affection in those rooms this past weekend.

Luke had much fun with his gifts but I think his two favorites were a popcorn popper push toy (you remember those, right? the ones your parents "accidentally-on-purpose" ran over in the driveway?) and a duck push toy. They became his constant "companions" during the party. He is in some ways a very intense little man - you can see the concentration on his face as he tries to figure out what and how to do/say/imitate something. He has a special fascination with "cheek pops" (you know, when you put a finger in your mouth against your cheek, pull it out fast and it makes that "POP!" noise?). He keeps trying to do it himself or even better, stick his lovely, slobbery finger in YOUR mouth and try to get that noise! I can't do it but Papa Mike sure can. Hey, everyone has their claim to fame!

Luke is also very vocal - many jibberings and jabberings - and some of them intelligible! He's had "duck" down for awhile. Ba-ba for Benjamin. Da-da and Papa - but I think Gramma is going to take a bit longer to master. However, when I walk into the room, he does break out in this HUGE grin and he holds his little chubby arms up for me to hold him and then snuggles down on my shoulder when I do - oh be still my beating heart!

So Happy Birthday Luke. You've definitely wormed your way into our hearts forever. Just like all your cousins have - we are blessed. You are too.


Jenny said...

Those are great pictures :-)
I'll have to start hitting YOU up for disks!

Megan said...

Great pics. It is nice to actually be in a few. :)

We realized after we got back home that out of the 150+ pictures we took I wasn't in a single one! Surely they will remember I was there. :)