06 May 2008

A Tribute to Spring...and Jason's Gardening Abilities

As most of you know, we sold the condo we had in Bedford (that we used stateside while we were in the UK) last March as we were building a vacation home in north Fort Worth in a town called Keller. We had it landscaped last July and then proceeded to wonder if between the wet summer that followed and a cold winter, if any of it would come back. Jason takes care of it for us and all I can say is, I WANT LESSONS! He cut things back in the fall, covered them with mulch, remulched this spring, put down pre-emergent on the grass, did fertilizers, etc.

When we were up there Easter weekend, things were starting to bud a little but the yards were still 'rice krispy treats' - brown and crispy. I returned a couple of weeks ago following Jen, Ben and Luke's visit to Katy to bring them home. I was FLABBERGASTED by the garden when I saw it! It's GORGEOUS! Jason has done a superb job and loves doing this - he just finished doing his front yard and had completed his back yard last summer to fall. I can kill a silk plant so am in awe of anyone who a) doesn't kill things, b) knows how to "winter" plants and c) enjoys doing it! He told me the back lawn was helped by Shelby and Izzie, ahem, "helping with fertilization" - it looks like a putting green!

So thanks, Jason. It looks fantastic! Now, do you make house calls to Katy? :)


emily said...

WOW! It looks amazing!!

Megan said...

It does look wonderful! I hope we can rope him in to coming to Pf to help out our overwhelming backyard.

rebekca said...

Is there such a thing as a rent-an-in-law? It is GORGEOUS.

I am glad you enjoyed the fajitas. I suppose I inadvertantly payed something forward :)