05 May 2008

Lleyton's Birthday Party - Extra, Extra! Read all about it!!

I finally got the album of photos from Lleyton's first birthday party celebration up (click to view). It was a wonderful weekend and I've relived it over and over looking at photographs. I loved the way all the cousins played together, especially the "new kids on the block" (Lleyton, Luke and Mirai). Tim made fantastic fajitas using Becky's recipe (yeah, thanks Becky - they are the BEST!) and I'm anxious to try the recipe myself. Lleyton got his first cake and stuffed in his mouth very, uh, "ceremoniously". And of course, he really liked it!

Megan's parents (MoMo and Mac) came from George West along with her two sisters, Marib and Hannah. Wes had a school activity so was unable to come (missed you Wesley!) Nana was there too (Crickett's mom). My mom was there (GG Ann the kids call her) as well as Mike's folks (Papaw Pete and Mamaw Peggy). Jennifer, Jason, Ben and Luke were down from the DFW area as were Chris, Jenjer and Mirai. So Lleyton was surrounded by many of the people who love him best and to mark his first year. We love you, Lleyton!


Tim said...

That's my boy! Great picture, and it was SO wonderful to have everyone in one place on such a beautiful day.

Megan said...

Those are great! You really seem to have figured out your new camera quickly. The colors are so vivid. Did you edit them or did they just come out that way?

I would love a copy of the images when you get a chance. I failed to take many pictures with my little camera since there were so many impressive ones around.

kpapa said...

Hi - they are actually looking at houses right now. She's already said farewell to Baku, thankfully. I believe the official move-in date for Calgary is sometime in June!

rebekca said...

That picture of Lleyton you posted is absolutely stunning!

It's always nice to have all of the family together!