12 May 2008

With apologies to Tim and Chris...

Yesterday I posted many photos of mothers and children but not any of me with my sons, Chris and Tim. Not on oversight - but a necessity. I will post some of them very soon but yesterday I was going on photos I had already on my computer. I need to go up to the TNTC ("too numerous to count") photo books and pull photos, scan and then post. Back in the "dark ages" when the children were babies, we had this thing called C110 film, a local drugstore to which we took them for processing and brittle, fragile negatives to keep up with if we ever wanted a reprint! Oh, the wonderful advent of digital photography and all it's easy storage! Now, instead of needing more photo albums, we need larger hard drives! So stay tuned - I'll be posting photos of my darling, now adult, sons before too long!

Now, if I can just figure out how to get more random access memory (RAM) for MY brain's files!

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